Origins Of Photography 1

History & Survey of photography notes 5 apr2011
Notes taken by : KaTisha Smittick

Find 3 Different types of Photography old photos (Historical Pictures) for extra credit.

History of photography
- Origins
- Elements of Discovery
- Desire
- Perspective
- Preservation
- Mechanism
- Entertainment
- Technology
- Lenses
- Photo sensitivity
Prephotograpahics world 1909
Camera Lucida – Mirror and sketching optical cheat for painters
Photography –mirror with a memory

Camera Obsucura – Lens or no lens camera with a box in the Dark

Technology – Galileo optical theory 1611 hears about a telescope an created his own and wrote a list about it to teach others how to make one using 2 lens

China- 1802 Wedgewood created a way to lay ink on to plates using photo processing.
1700 Silver etching was discovered
Birth of photography

Joseph Niepce 1765 in France Vet of the Napoleon war printing using grease. Called “Gentleman of Science. He wanted to figure out how to stop photo processing. Exposure took 8 hours to take the picture the Window Le Gras in 1826. Heliography is the drawing of the sun

Louis Daguerre “Showmanship of Science”
Invented photo Dioramas of objects. Magic lanterns scenery and paintings that looked very realistic. In 1892 he got a hold of Niepce solution and had combined it with Silver Nitrate Salt. June 7 1839 Photography was discovered (Daguerre type)
Different lights, Polygrama was all brought out by the French. The French gives the process always.

William Henry Talbot “British Calotysoist
Stopped p get Patented but was too late because the French had already given it to the world already. So he invented the paper negatives and made photograms, photo books, Pencil of Nature 1837-1839

Bayard Hippo light French 1840
Invented Silver Chloride

Sir John Cameron Hershicle 1867 Englishman
1839 invented Hypo Future names Cyanotype, positive, negative photography

Brady Morse 1850
Invented Morse code and invented the first Photography school for $25-50 with equipment included. .

Augustus Washington a son of a former slave and Asian
Owned the first photo studio and took pictures of everything but mainly have slaves. He also took pictures of John Brown in 1847

Take a picture of John Brown Historical marker and receive Extra Credit