Modernism 8

History of Photography
Notes by Deeanna
(try my best to take notes)


World war 1 (very violent very bloody lots of warfare)

Lots of revolution going around (Europe, China, Russia big changes of ideas)

Urbanism (social change in city, making more buildings, everything is new)

New ‘isms (new freedoms in mediums, socialism, cubism, ect)

Objectivity and new objectivity

Sigmund Freud (opened every ones mind to science, and psychology)

A radical reconstruction of the world through art and thought (the world is broken, things are not right the way they are. Art should be applied for everyone not just upper class people)

Dada (rejects the old, destroy the art world and rebuild)


Hurley, Australian infantry small box respiration 1917
Underwood 1917
Winter Palace faked 1917
Long March 1934
Mao on the March 1934
Unite d’habitation ????
Duchamp, Nude descending the stair cases 2

(art is in the mind, not in the object)

Balla, Dymanism of a dog on a leash 1912
Sander, Bohemian 1922
Sander, soldier from the people of the twentieth century ????
Duchamp, fountain 1916
Duchamp, LHOOQ 1919_1940
Man Ray, from Les Champs Delicieux 1922
Man Ray, Le Violin d’ingres 1924
Man Ray, Noire et Blanche 1926
Man Ray, Untitled with scissors 1927
Miller, Portrait of space 1937
Miller, Leipzig Germany 1945
Man Ray, Tears 1930
Man Ray, Untitles Rayograph airplane 1945
Moholy Nagy, Photogram 1939
Moholy Nagy, Leda and the swans 1925

*(Montague is when everything gets combined and put onto one piece of photographic paper)

*(Collage is where you tape or glue a bunch of mediums together or pictures together, not all once piece of paper)

Moholy Nagy, Sailing 1926
Moholy Nagy, Chairs 1935
Moholy Nagy, study with pins and ribbons 1937
Heartfield, Hurrah, the butter is gone 1935
Heartfield, The place in the sun 1935
Heartfield, the teachings of the wolf 1935
Hoch, The sweet one 1926
Rodchenko, Student Village 1930
Bellmar, La Poupee 1934
Bellmar La Poupee 1937
Kertesz, Underwater swimming 1917
Kertesz, Satiric Dancers 1926
Kertesz, Self portrait 1927
Kertesz, Arm and ventilator in new york 1927
Brassai, Couple at the four seasons 1932
Brassai, open gutter 1933
Brassai, Under one of the seine bridge 1933

*Modernism is not just in art. It’s in a lot of different fields. That’s why we get a lot of these political movements and believe that science is going to make everything better. NOT!!