Developing Doc Journalism 5

Ashley DeWaters
April 19, 2011
Developing documentary and journalism

o Beautiful era
o More casual photographs
o Known for after his death Storyville Red District
o During his lifetime he photographed portraits then on the side-photographed prostitutes.
o The Storyville photography was used for decoration and advertising

o Photographed the rich in a new light, them having fun
o Vernacular- window into the rich not meant for public eye.
o Had pictures of the bigger and newer toys

o Photographs after WWII
o He did some commercial portraits
o He liked art photography but he did not so it
o He photographed the man of the 20th century of German
o Photographed upper and lower class people
o Not all of his work was published in his lifetime
o Germans burned some negatives so he had to hide them

Van Der Zee
o African American upper class photographer
o He had a child added into “future Expectations” for a special effect
o He documented paid and unpaid events
o He had connections to DC

Early Street Photography
• Not staged, post Victorian
• At this time the city is becoming cleaner
• Liked to document all the stores
• Photographed how everyday people lived
• Shot over 10,000 images
• Sold to anyone who would buy them
• He shot what he wanted
• One of the only paying jobs was to document prostutes
• Didn’t photograph upper class
• Sometimes called the first surrealist

Social Documentary
• Documentary without an agenda
• Trying to document what is there
• Trying to persuade the viewer
• Illustrates an issue
• There is an underlying context
• Weight of evidence
• Propaganda- issue
o Trop - visual short hand
- Recurring theme
• Joins a progressive movement- pro immigrant
• Visits Ellis Island a lot
• Follows immigrants into the slums
• He wants to end child labor
• Photographs child labor to show that its not good and it should end
• Helps end child labor by showing slides to different important people
• He told people that child labor makes human garbage
o Children would be uneducated, angry or handicapped
• He travels to France to document WWI and the cost of it on people
• Then shows the Glory of American workers
• He wanted people to feel good about working
• He is the official photographer of the building of the empire state building
• He died poor

• Showed the nitty gritty people
• He told people that poverty creates crime
• Photographed immigrant neighborhoods
• He was a police photographer before
• Photographed 5 points of NYC
• He gave slide lectures
• He published a book called “How the other half lives”