Contemporary Photography 15

Notes 6/9/11

Sally Mann - photographed her children.

Alex Soth – shoots with view camera. Shot middle lower class Americans.

Philip Lorca-DiCorcia – photographed people walking on the street by rigging a light on the street in New York City.

Roger Ballen – South African photographer. Weird photos in the rural areas of South Africa.

Peter Hugo – art journalism. Found albinos and blind people in South Africa. Also did documentary on the hyena and other men (Men that lived with hyenas)

Jahi Chikwendiu – international journalist. Used people in other countries to take the pictures for him

Sasha Bezzubov – photographed ex-patriots

Sage Sohier – art based but almost documentary based photos.

Jeongmee Yoon – “Emily and Her Pink Things”

Nikki Lee – performance artist that documents photographically. She is the subject of her photos. Becomes the “community” and has someone take the picture of her.

Robert Mapplethrope – Died of A.I.D.S. Did an exhibit of gay and sexual images. Big controversy because of these photos.

Samuel Fosso – performance artist who documented with photos.

Loretta Lux – does not like to talk about what she does. Digital images

David Lachapelle – art photography. Shot for French Men’s Vogue. Known for bold colors and got his start by hanging out with Andy Warhol.

Steven Meisel - Fashion photographer who bridges into the art world.

Charlie White – shoots in high production value style but work is fine art.

Parkeharrison’s – a couple that works together. Digitally created but the work looks like antique processes.

Adi Nes – Israeli

Jeff Wall – altered landscape photography, high production, very cinematic.

Gregory Crewdson – big photographer in genre of high production photography. Doesn’t give explanations of his work.

Wang Qingsong – Chinese photographer.

David Levithal – had a stomach disorder and had to always be by the restroom. Started photographing miniatures with a view camera.

Annie Michaux – Also shot miniatures on sets.

Andreas Serrano – controversial target for image of the crucifix in a bottle of urine.

Adam Tuss – uses photograms instead of photgraphs

John Phal – started with images that he used felt on the scene to make it seem as if something was altered on the scene. Used view camera

Robert Misrach – view camera.

Andreas Gursky – view camera. Photographed in Chinese factories. Also photographed in North Korea.

Edward Buttynsky – Photographed manufactured landscapes.

By Katisha and Deanna