Color New Social Doc 12

Rise of color photography and New Social Documentary

James Cleark MAxwell, Tart Ribbon 1861 *First Color Photo

Lumeire- On the Rode to Croturt (invented Autochrome process)

Coburn, Place de la Concorde

Muray - Cream of wheat, boy with cookies.

Keppler, Camel Ciggerette addvertisement

Walker Evans, ICE sign c1974 (Polaroid)

color photo was slow to be accepted

Polaroids can me shot in polaroids as well as large format.

June Dow(Worked with evens) Cactus barbershop big spring Tx

telegraph office at main railroad in Argentina

Christenberry, Red Building in forest -Hale County Alabama 1994

Christenberry - 5cents
Christenberry- palmist building in al 1979

Eggleston, Trike- Memphis c1965
inspired by robert frank and bresson and decisive moment
Used the drug store to develop his photos

Eggleston - karen chathom and Lesa Aldrich memphis 1973

South HAvan Mi

Meyerowitz, red interior, provinceton 1977

Meyerowitz- porch at provincetown

Meyerowitz- Empire state building 12th avenue nyc 1978

Meyerowitz- did 9/11 photos

Elliot Porter, Sunrise on River Navajo Creek in utah aug 27-1961

Elliot Porter, Weeds and fever trees

Elliot Porter, Weeds and fever trees kelp on a black stone 1972

Elliot Porter, Weeds and fever trees base of obelisk at entrance to obelisk egypt

Robert Frank, The bus from the Americans 1955

Daniel Lyon, Uptown Chicago 1965

Daniel Lyon, Published a book called the movement

Daniel Lyon, Funeral detroit 1966

Daniel Lyon,becomes a member of the Outlaw Biker Gang

Daniel Lyon, Itiana speedway Indiana 1965

Daniel Lyon, Louville ky

Daniel Lyon,Cal Elkhorn

Daniel Lyon,Hoe Sharpener and the line from convo with the dead 1967

Daniel Lyon, New arrivals from corpus christy

Bill Owens, Suburbia - Documents middle americans in their own words
Bill Owens, Tuperware 1972

Bruce Davidson - Brooklyn Gang 1959
- met bresson in paris

Bruce Davidson -East 100th st harlem 1962

Bruce Davidson -Time of change 1962 *Series*

Bruce Davidson - Subway 1986 series

Mary ellen Mark, Ward 81, Oregon state hospital 1976
Mary ellen Mark, Father and Daughter - Aryan Nation- Haydon Lake Idaho 1986

Mary Ellen Mark, (Series) Streetwise 1983

Mary ellen Mark, Amanda and her cousin Amy

Mary ellen Mark, Rural Poverty 1990

Mary ellen Mark, The Damm Family - Mark Follows this family
Mary ellen Mark, Shymaya Great Golden Circus

Lint to Jim Goldberg on Magnum:

Jim Goldberg - From Rich and Poor 1985 *Series*

Jim Goldberg -_Photographers Presence is known, lets the people speak their mind

Jim Goldberg -Destiny's Shiny Bracelets 1989

Jim Goldberg -Kurdish woman greece 2003

Jim Goldberg -In a passing Show about dying 2003

Clark, From Tulsa 1965

Clark, Man with baby from Tulsa

Clark,Teenager in lust 1982

Clark, Book called Perfect Childhood - Later into movie called Kidz 1993

Clark, Sketches from tulsa movie 1997

Nan Golden, Nan one month after being battered 1984

Nan Golden - Ballad of sexual dependency 1984

Nan Golden,Rise and monty on the lounge

Nan Golden, Cookie at Vittorios Casket NYC Sept 16th 1989

Nan Golden, Simon and Jessica

Joseph Rodriguez - From East Side Story 1992

Milton Rogovin, Miners Zimbabway

Milton Rogovin Liked to photograph Miners around the world.

Rogovin, Working People joseph Kemp at home 1978

Milton Rogovin Grandparents at Baptism 1974

Milton Rogovin Grandparents at Baptism 1984

Milton Rogovin Grandparents at Baptism 1992

Milton Rogovin Chino and Chinito

Milton Rogovin Old man and Baby