Ad Vs Street Photography 11

Advertising versus Street Photography

• Half tone
• Movies fun during the war-which photos took the same path
• Paul Outerbridge: Party Mask with Shells (charuce white) 1936
• Vanity Fair
• Vogue, Vanity Fair
• Hung out with DuChamp, Man Ray
• Irving Penn: After Dinner Games, New York 1947
• Editorial illustration
• Anton Bruehl: Four Roses, 1950, Dance From a Night Club Act, 1943
• Murray
o Portrait photographer
• Keppler
o Hollywood style production
o Keep Pitching, 1944
o Camel cigarette ad, Woman in Convertible, 1951
Post War
• Manipulative photography challenged by advertising style. Turned to directional style in F.S.A type advertising
• Frank, Drive From the Americans, 1956
o “The Bus
o “Cocksucker Blues”

Street Photography- more authentic, engaging
o Robert Frank, beat generation, apprentice Brandonovitch
1953 goes on road with Leica
Kerouac used the pictures for his book

Street photography prescribed by Americans
o In your face style
o Dirty, grinning kids with guns

Fashion Street Photography
o Lisette Model-Austrian born American photographer, taught Arbus and influenced her
o Arbus
o Child with Toy Grenade
o Arbus –Life Magazine
o “Anti Middle Class”, “Passion for the Bizarre”
o Criticized

Winogrand, The Animals
“taking a photo turned everyday things into great things”
women are beautiful

Lee Friedlander
o Anti- street photography street photographer
Roy DeCarava
o Cover from the flypaper of life (humanist)
o Life is Beautiful
o Works with Langston Hughes
o Man with Portfolio, 1059
Helen Levitt
o Humanistic
o Expert at letting things happen
o Kids playing –street photography
o Early experiments with color in street photography